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Free Instagram Templates Ready to Download

Are you looking for free Instagram Templates? Here’s the perfect place for you.

At The Template Market, we love to collaborate with online entrepreneurs. Therefore, we also LOVE to provide free products to aspiring new entrepreneurs.

Social Media Marketing is an essential way to promote your online business, that’s why it is also important to work on your Instagram Page. But how to make Instagram look more professional?

It is possible with our Pre-made Instagram Templates!

YES, you can make your profile look more professional with these pre-made Instagram templates. No need to hire a designer, you just need a Canva Free Account to access, edit and download your templates.

Also, there are so many people who are selling digital products from their blogs like ebooks, checklists, etc.

How to make your Instagram Professional with these Templates?

Your Instagram profile also shows your brand, therefore, it is necessary to make it as professional as you can. Follow these tips to make your Instagram profile better:

1. Make your own Brand Colour

Whenever it comes to build your own brand it’s always important to make your own brand colour. By having a brand colour, it becomes much easier to differentiate your brand from others.

Brand Colours also helps in making to stand out of the crowd. With the our Instagram Templates, you will save a lot more time than before.

2. Make a Consistent Design Pattern

You probably have seen big brands that they have a unique and consistent design patterns in their brand. If you are not consistent with your designs, people get confuse between others and your brand. So, always try to make a brand consistency.

Let’s take an example of @thelucasokeefe Instagram Page,

Instagram templates

As you can see, there is a consistent pattern with his brand and that looks amazing. This kind of consistency and uniqueness makes his brand more powerful.

Pro Tip: Always use only 2-3 colours at maximum in your Instagram Posts, do not try to make them colourful, it makes your posts uglier.

3. Give Valuable Tips

Whenever you are posting something on Instagram, make sure that it provide value.

Do you know that about 8.95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram per day. So, to stand out from the crowd it is always suggested to post content that grabs people’s attention.

For example, if you love cooking, don’t just put photos of your food, also give your recipes in the form of an Instagram post. When you start giving values you’ll notice that a lot of people already started to follow you.

If you have given two choices – one is to follow a page that has only pictures that are of no use or a page that has lots and lots of valuable piece of content. Obviously, you choose the second option.

In this way, others also love the content that either entertain them or help to solve their problems.

4. Use a Consistent Font

I’ve seen so many Instagram pages and already done this mistake on my page as well.


You might be thinking that how do it affect your Instagram Page. So, when you use a consistent font you are creating your own brand.

It doesn’t mean you cannot use different kinds of fonts, but when use you a single font people use to identify your brand easily as compared to another.

It also helps in giving an aesthetic look to your page.

You can also check this latest post on aesthetic app icons on My Business Route.

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