Instagram Marketing FOR SMALL BUSINESS

Instagram Marketing Tips to Skyrocket your Small Business

Let me guess, you are a small business owner, that’s why you want Instagram Marketing Tips, isn’t it?

Then, I would definitely not waste your precious time. In this article, I’m going to share some of the best Instagram Marketing tips that worked for my business and will work for yours as well.

I know, you might be saying that “Hey, what worked for you doesn’t always work for me as well.”

You are absolutely right, but don’t you think that the Instagram algorithm works in a similar way for all? Yes, it works in a similar way, it doesn’t matter your page is about fashion or cooking.

Instagram doesn’t do partiality with anyone.

So, this is the reason, I thought to share with you guys how the Instagram algorithm works and how you can skyrocket your small business.

Why do you need Instagram marketing for small businesses?

According to experts, 83% people use Instagram to discover new products and services, while 80% decide whether to buy a product or service based on how delighted they are with the company’s presence on Instagram.

It almost influence a lot of the decision of people.

That’s why, if you are not on Instagram, you are missing a huge number of customers.

Goldmine for Bloggers

Instagram can a great tool for social media marketing if you are into blogging business. Many people have this myth that Instagram is not good for bloggers but this is not true.

Yes, it doesn’t allow you get much traffic like Pinterest but what you can do on Instagram is astonishing. Instagram is the perfect place for creating your own unique brand.

So, if you are a blogger and want to sell some digital products from your blog, Instagram can help you.

Benefits of using Instagram for your Online Business

Now, you might be asking to yourself what are the top benefits of using Instagram for Online Businesses.

Well, there are multiple reasons why should you use Instagram and why it is the best.

  1. Easy Targetting: If you are using Instagram, it becomes super easy to target your customer as it gives you the flexibility to see your audience’s age, sex, interest, behaviour, demography, etc.

2. Features of Business Account: You can measure your analytics in Instagram Business Account.

3. Wider Audience Reach: With over 1 billion active monthly users, the opportunities are endless. You can use Instagram Marketing to target any age group of people for your small business.

4. Performance Tracking: One of the main benefits of using an Instagram Business Account is that you can measure your performance daily, weekly, or monthly. Instagram Business allows you to see a professional dashboard where you can see all of your analytics.

5. High-Engagement: Instagram has an amazing engagement rate once you are able to grow your number of followers.

6. Live Feature: You can go live once a week or once a month to interact with your audience.

Top Instagram Marketing Tips for different Industries

1. Blogging Industry

Bloging industry is so wide, but Instagram Marketing can really help to market your small business.

Post Instagram Content Relevant to your Blog Post

This strategy is tried and tested that if you post content related to your recent blog post, you can actually bring some amount of traffic.

I have seen that whenever I posted a content relevant to my recent article, I get good number of traffic from Instagram.

You can simply create an Instagram post and give a call to action “Link in Bio”.

This gives me instant traffic on my article.

Ask People to Visit your Website

There is nothing wrong if you are providing something valuable and then asking people to visit your website. It’s completely fine to self-promote if you’re doing something great.

I ask people every time on my Instagram whenever I post something new on my blog to visit.

This strategy really work well to market my small business on Instagram.

User-Generated Content

Giving social proofs has always been a great ideas because people love to see what others are saying about your content/product.

You can create Instagram posts of your clients or customers saying something about you. If possible, you can ask for video testimonial as well.

This helps people in knowing more about your blog, products or services.

2. Fashion Brand

You already know that fashion industry is one of the most popular industries on Instagram. As Instagram is itself a photo-sharing app, so it’s crucial for you to develop a proper strategy to market your small business on Instagram.

instagram marketing for small business lous vuitton

There are few points you need to remember if you are in this industry.

Share Original Photos Only

If you are into fashion industry then never use stock images because this industry is all about how and what you are showing to your customers.

Your customers would never buy if you let them see wrong products on Instagram.

Only use your original images of your products. Hire a photographer or use a good quality camera to click authentic and clean images.

Tell a Story

Who doesn’t love listening to stories? After all, your customers are also human beings so try to tell them a story with your images.

For example, if you sell a ladies handbag then don’t just post a simple picture of it. Picturise it like a lady giving a surprise gift handbag to her mom on Mother’s Day. 

This picture create a strong emotion in your audience’s mind rather than a simple handbag image.

Market it with Influencers

Influencers are strongly engaged with their followers because they built trust in them. 

Collaborate with small influencers who have high targeted audience and good engagement rate. Influencer Marketing is becoming a popular marketing strategy for small businesses. Also, a lot of fashion brands are promoting their products by this.

You can contact influencers who are relevant in your niche and can easily market your products.

Use Instagram Shopping feature

Instagram allows shopping features in some countries. So, don’t let your followers just like your photos and fade away. Let them shop as well whatever they like.

This is an amazing Instagram Marketing strategy for small businesses.

Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how many likes you are getting until and unless you are making any money.

Have a Budget for Paid Ads

It is always suggested ti have organic followers and customers. But sometimes, Instagram doesn’t allow you to get high organic reach and engagement (at least when you are just starting out).

Therefore, here’s the paid Instagram Ads will come into play.

Have some good budget for running paid ads because this can give you tremendous reach to make your brand go viral.

Run influencer marketing campaigns

Working with Instagram influencers is a good strategy if you are just starting out. Influencers work in a way like they are paid to post and in return you will get to highly engaged audiences.

They have good number of loyal followers because they have authentic content. Influencer marketing can bring surprising results for your brand.

Use Instagram Carousel Ads

This type of ad allows people to share from 2 up to 10 ten images or videos that your followers can see by swiping through.

No matter if you are selling skincare, makeup, or other beauty items, the carousel format is now becoming popular and perfect way to pinpoint the product line you want to advertise to your target audience.

Use Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels can be a life-saver for you. According to Instagram, it is now proven that if you make at least 2 Reels in a week you can increase your following rate.

I have also seen that if I focus more on reels, people use to follow me more.

Because Instagram or any other kind of apps promote those features more that are new. After getting TikTok banned in some countries, Instagram wanted to become more popular. That’s why, it started “Instagram Reels”.

3. Ed-Tech Industry

As you already know that how ed-tech businesses are booming these days, so, in order to market any education-based business you have to show your audience how much experience you have in any particular field. 

instagram marketing for small business ed-tech

For example, if you want an audience who buy your online courses, then first you have to build trust in them.

So, for this there are multiple things you have to follow to market your business.

Create an Educational Environment

Make your Instagram page full of valuable knowledge that anyone can easily grab that. According to the Instagram head, it’s not remain only a photo-sharing app. You can now learn from Instagram and can get whatever kind of knowledge you want to acquire.

On my page, you see that I’ve provided lots and lots of business-related information that anyone can learn by just scrolling my feed.

Instagram Page of The Cynosure Girl

Try to make content that are easily digestible and quick to learn.

Collaborate with other Coaches

Collaboration is again a nice approach in order to make your business viral on Instagram. I get so many collaboration opportunities on a daily basis. 

You can also approach to other Instagram page owners or influencers.

Do some live sessions and also ask them to share live videos in their IGTVs.

Giveaway Free Guides

In education based startups, it is always good to provide free guides to your audience. Giveaways helps in building the trust of your audience plus you are also giving them a reason to buy from you as you are showing the quality of your products.

So, always remember to provide valuable giveaways to your followers.

Over to you

When you think of the Instagram platform as an extension of your small business, you will realise that you are growing more and more rapidly. The more engaging your content is, the more you sales you will get.

Just have in mind that Instagram growth doesn’t occur in a single night. It will take some time to grow and get some results.

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